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Have you always wondered what would have happened if Snow White had busted out of her glass coffin, pushed past her Prince Charming and started her own apple-picking business? What if Rapunzel had chopped off her golden locks, climbed down her own tower, and traveled the world as an adventure journalist? If you're tired of being told that women can't save themselves, come have a listen to the music of No Damsel. 

We're here to represent independent women; women who push themselves to be better, stronger, faster, and braver. We want our music to speak to those individuals who need no filters, who have no reservations, who don't need anyone to tell them how to be themselves. 

Singer/songwriter Miranda Eve has joined seasoned musicians Bryan Butler, Jack Lazelle, and David Leyse to blend their individual styles together for a vibrant and unique sound that's brand new. Jazz-inspired folk-pop flows from their fingers and voices, bringing the sounds of No Damsel to life. 

Waiting To Begin

No Damsel

Our first original single released as No Damsel! We are pleased to bring you "Waiting to Begin", a diverse bossa nova percussion medley paired with some soaring guitar solos and tantalizing bass lines. Miranda's lyrics seduce you into letting her skin change the mood you're in...

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A YEAR?!?!? 

Can you believe it has been over a year since our last blog post? Well, you can blame Miranda for that one. 

We have been working so hard lately; collaborating on new material, booking and playing shows, and practice practice practicing! 2018 really seems to be the year that No Damsel cultivates a new style and paves their path towards a legacy of some kind. With all the turmoil happening in the news every single day, we feel it is important that we continue to promote female empowerment and equal rights for all people. We want to contribute to this cause by creating meaningful and inspirational music for all of you. We have had the great privilege of playing an average of two shows a month for the last few months, and the honor of bringing all of our lovely fans a few new tunes for them to get down to, all the while promoting our message of equality.

If you've come to recent shows, you've probably noticed that our lead singer puts down her guitar a little more often lately. We have been utilizing some new approaches towards writing and producing music, and she has found that sometimes it's easier to write without the safety net of her guitar. This has created a more balanced effort towards creating new music where our guitarist, Jack, gets to flex his incredible musical-theory-muscle in order to come up with a style surrounding the bare bones of creativity trapped inside Miranda's head. With our bassist David's excellent rhythms, there suddenly blooms a song where before lay only a shimmer of an idea. Once we have the concept structured a little better, our drummer Bryan puts the icing on the proverbial percussion cake, rounding us off nicely with a few drums and cymbals. 

Using this method, we have brought you a few new gems like "Leave the Rest for Me", a song inspired solely by a lyric that our singer came up with in her sleep, which grew into a rhythmic and bouncy little tune, inspired by the sounds of bands such as The Black Keys and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. 

Another song to come forth recently is "Fairly Tough", a catchy little ditty that revolves around a hook that will be stuck in your head for days. "I cut my hair and I cut you off | I'm barely there, but I'm fairly tough", "Voices in your head can't quiet me | I doubt I really need your blue eyes to see", and some other choice lyrics, are the basis for this empowering song about not needing another person to validate your awesomeness...

And last, but certainly not least, we have "Gimme Some Love", a truly inspiring song that was the ultimate collaboration of styles from each member of the band individually. There is a jazzy feel to this song, with a hint of (and if you know Miranda at all, this should come as no surprise) Broadway. A rhythmic drum breakdown by Bryan and David in the middle of the song gives way to a finale finish that would make even Velma Kelly envious. "Here's to love | Here's to coming undone, and breaking apart for love | I have a feeling that everyone's hiding the secret and marveling in the cacophony of it all | Gimme some love..." 

Here's a video of us at one of our shows in May, premiering some of these new sounds at the Lombard Pub

We miss you guys and can't wait to have you for our next show on October 6th at one of our favorite venues, The Buffalo Gap!

Stay tuned for more updates on that show and new tunes coming your way. We have some fun covers we are working on, as well as a couple of new originals. We look forward to bringing you all of this tasty new material, and seeing you on the 6th!


Love and peace and all that,


ND <3

Inspiration: Ins, Outs, Tops, and Bottoms 

Hello all you beautiful fans,


It has been entirely too long since we've posted on this blog, so here we are! It's only June and we are already three shows in, and readying ourselves for our upcoming gig at one of our favorite venues, The Buffalo Gap on Saturday, July 8th. We have had such positive responses, and great attendance at this venue, and they keep asking us back, so we're coming back for more! 


In other news, your fearless leader Miranda Pants wanted to share some insight into her songwriting process, and the subsequent creative input from the rest of the bandmates, inevitably forming an arranged song. 

What is the first step to writing a new song?

"Honestly, it's about committing to sitting down and starting. Sometimes, if I'm in the midst of some emotional turmoil in my life, the song comes quickly and smoothly. The music will flow, and the chords will follow. But if I'm not "in the mood", it can be kind of tough to find inspiration when it's forced. So for me, it's about having a notepad and a good pen, my guitar (or piano), and no interruptions."

Do you start writing a song with the music or the lyrics?

"I usually start with the music. It's easier for me to express an emotion musically by coming up with chords that are indicative of the emotion, and following it up with words. Occasionally I'll come up with some words that I'll jot down during the day, and try to put them to music later on, but that process is (to me) much more difficult." 

Do you have a key that you tend to play in more than others?

"I generally write in C, actually! It's so basic, but soooo many classic songs have been written in the key of C. It's just the easiest go-to for me. If I'm sad, and the song is destined to be melancholy, it's Bminor. Not sure why, but those are my first choices, usually. Thank god for capos or everything we have would be in the same key."

How does a song come together for the band?

"When I write a song, I practice it several times, write down all the lyrics and chords, and then when I feel confident in the song's structure, I bring it to the band. Usually I first bring it to Jack (our guitarist), because his knowledge of theory is pretty incredible. Being a lead guitarist, he needs to be able to navigate all possible keys and chord progressions, so coming to him with a question about what the best chords for a bridge or a chorus would be, is always a good idea. Jack also helps to create parts for Bryan (drums) and David (bass), when there's a lapse in musical communication. I am not very well-versed in theory, so sometimes it's difficult to convey to the other members what I believe would sound the best. Bryan listens a few times and then usually comes up with a drum part, and David does the same. Some songs, like Sweet Teeth, require a conversion of ideas between the drums and bass to make sense of the rhythm or musical patterns. We run through the idea a few times, and usually within two or three practices, we've come up with something that can work for everyone. It's always a collaboration of concepts and creativity and ideas, but in the end we think we've come up with some really great sounds."


So that's pretty much it! Our creative process, laid out for you guys. We put it together, clean it up, record, mix, master, and bring it to your ears for listening. We hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into our band and maybe better understand us as people and musicians. 


Hoping to see you all at the Buffalo Gap on July 8th for another free show!

Also, HAPPY PRIDE, Y'ALL! Shouting out soooo much love to our fellow LGBTQA members, and wishing them a wonderful #pride week! We love you guys!!!

Keep rockin, keep rollin, keep livin, keep lovin.


No Damsel


There's Nowhere to Go...Except For Up 

Greetings all you earthly and heavenly beings,

This is Miranda comin' atcha with some news about a NEW SONG release! We are proud to bring you "Except for Up", a new single release from No Damsel.

A little about this piece:

This song was written in a dream the midst of an inevitable, but yet unspoken, breakup. The lyrics reflect this dissonant state of mind in which you know it's ending, but you don't yet have the guts to express the words to end it.

"Red hot my throat...have been keeping me from telling you...that I'm aware that you don't care...and all my blood, is boiling to..." 

Our guitarist, Jack Lazelle, captured the vibe of the song perfectly with his decision to use a slide guitar as the lead. It pays homage to The Beach Boys' "In My Room" with its haunting melody, wailing up and down the neck of the guitar under that little metal slide.

The song initially remained unfinished when it was first written, as the last verse had yet to be realized. Once the relationship was over, the final words came to me quickly and succinctly:

"I don't know you, you don't know me...our first kiss went so differently...not like the last one, that was a fast one, like the one you pulled on me..."

We feel like this song is one that is familiar to everyone - a theme that has come to all of us at one time or another. Maybe you're facing this dilemma as you are reading this, so we are here to tell you to be strong, kiddies. Remember that, even when you feel like the lowest of the low, and your throat is burning with words unsaid, there is nowhere to go except for up. So cool down, have a listen to this track, and take in the sleepy sounds of No Damsel as we calm your soul and ears. You can download it on itunes here or on amazon music here, or feel free to listen on Google Play and Spotify.

And remember we have a live show coming up soon! It's fast approaching and we couldn't be more excited! Look for us at the Buffalo Gap saloon on March 11th - 9pm (it's free, so bring everyone you've ever met). We'll be singing with our good friend Leja Marija, and it's sure to be a super fun evening full of new songs!!!

Thanks for reading, and remember we love all of you guys. 

Peace and love,

No Damsel

The Nastiest Women Get In Free 

Hello you lovers and friends!

We are so excited and pleased to bring you good news from the land of No Damsel! 

We have a show coming up at the beginning of next month - March 11th at the Buffalo Gap Saloon and Eatery. There is no cover charge, we start at 9pm, and we're playing well into the evening. 

This is especially exciting because it is our very first show with our new band name. After we spent endless hours perfecting our recordings and re-branding our image, we are finally ready to bring you seven new songs (!) for you to get down to, starting with our latest (and arguably most political) release, Nasty Women, which can now be purchased through iTunes and Amazon, and heard on Spotify and GooglePlay.

When writing this important piece of legislature...ahem...songwriting, Miranda found inspiration in our current tempestuous political climate, and decided it was important to remind the powers that be that the future is #female. With themes that revolve around various movements by the government to suppress us in different ways (women's reproductive rights/immigration rights/#BLM and oppression of POC's), No Damsel wants to point out that the revolution is imminent, and we will not be held down. "Every port has mouths, revolutions North and South, who will be your holy sinful end of days..."

So please come join us for our big live show, where our good friend Leja Marija will be opening for us with her incredible, acoustic, bluegrass-y sound, followed by some acoustic Miranda love, and then the rocking sounds of our newly revamped musical conquest, No Damsel.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Love and music,

No Damsel

"You can't build a wall, those rising fast will faster fall. Beware them Nasty Women who'll grab you back"

From All My Exes to No Damsel; Our Journey to Success 

When we started the band All My Exes four years ago, our idea was to blend our very different styles of music into something new and distinctly original. Miranda Eve's soulful songwriting had been mostly focused on her negative past experiences with men and women who left her wanting more. The music relied on themes of being tossed aside or being hurt, and the band helped her imagine these experiences using courageous lyrics and heartfelt singing, and pairing it with a rock and roll sound that was totally unique.

In the last year of not playing shows, and staying under the radar, we have been revamping our image. We decided it was no longer about being the victim, and more about being victorious. We have been recording, writing (and rewriting) songs, and staking our claim as representatives of independent women and girls - of all shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, colors, religions and gender identities. We want to represent the underdogs who don't have enough voices on their side. We want our music to speak to those who are too afraid to speak for themselves.

So we re-branded ourselves - with the image of a strong woman who isn't afraid to fight the powers that be. We want you to know that we are here fighting for unity and kindness, and the systematic rebuffing of the patriarchy. We are standing strong as No Damsel - and we are prepared to birth creativity in the face of tragedy. We will produce our independent music with all of the courageous voices behind us, and we can't wait to meet all of you. 

Peace and love,

No Damsel

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