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It has been entirely too long since we've posted on this blog, so here we are! It's only June and we are already three shows in, and readying ourselves for our upcoming gig at one of our favorite venues, The Buffalo Gap on Saturday, July 8th. We have had such positive responses, and great attendance at this venue, and they keep asking us back, so we're coming back for more! 


In other news, your fearless leader Miranda Pants wanted to share some insight into her songwriting process, and the subsequent creative input from the rest of the bandmates, inevitably forming an arranged song. 

What is the first step to writing a new song?

"Honestly, it's about committing to sitting down and starting. Sometimes, if I'm in the midst of some emotional turmoil in my life, the song comes quickly and smoothly. The music will flow, and the chords will follow. But if I'm not "in the mood", it can be kind of tough to find inspiration when it's forced. So for me, it's about having a notepad and a good pen, my guitar (or piano), and no interruptions."

Do you start writing a song with the music or the lyrics?

"I usually start with the music. It's easier for me to express an emotion musically by coming up with chords that are indicative of the emotion, and following it up with words. Occasionally I'll come up with some words that I'll jot down during the day, and try to put them to music later on, but that process is (to me) much more difficult." 

Do you have a key that you tend to play in more than others?

"I generally write in C, actually! It's so basic, but soooo many classic songs have been written in the key of C. It's just the easiest go-to for me. If I'm sad, and the song is destined to be melancholy, it's Bminor. Not sure why, but those are my first choices, usually. Thank god for capos or everything we have would be in the same key."

How does a song come together for the band?

"When I write a song, I practice it several times, write down all the lyrics and chords, and then when I feel confident in the song's structure, I bring it to the band. Usually I first bring it to Jack (our guitarist), because his knowledge of theory is pretty incredible. Being a lead guitarist, he needs to be able to navigate all possible keys and chord progressions, so coming to him with a question about what the best chords for a bridge or a chorus would be, is always a good idea. Jack also helps to create parts for Bryan (drums) and David (bass), when there's a lapse in musical communication. I am not very well-versed in theory, so sometimes it's difficult to convey to the other members what I believe would sound the best. Bryan listens a few times and then usually comes up with a drum part, and David does the same. Some songs, like Sweet Teeth, require a conversion of ideas between the drums and bass to make sense of the rhythm or musical patterns. We run through the idea a few times, and usually within two or three practices, we've come up with something that can work for everyone. It's always a collaboration of concepts and creativity and ideas, but in the end we think we've come up with some really great sounds."


So that's pretty much it! Our creative process, laid out for you guys. We put it together, clean it up, record, mix, master, and bring it to your ears for listening. We hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into our band and maybe better understand us as people and musicians. 


Hoping to see you all at the Buffalo Gap on July 8th for another free show!

Also, HAPPY PRIDE, Y'ALL! Shouting out soooo much love to our fellow LGBTQA members, and wishing them a wonderful #pride week! We love you guys!!!

Keep rockin, keep rollin, keep livin, keep lovin.


No Damsel


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